Functional Skills Maths

We offer these qualifications through Edexcel/Pearson, at Entry Level 3, Level 1 and Level 2.  This qualification is assessed with one end point exam and you receive a pass or fail grade.  Level 2 Functional Skills qualifications are accepted by universities for most courses, but please check with your university if you have a specific course in mind.

The maths programme will vary depending which level you are learning at, but they will have modules on Numbers, Fractions, Decimals and Percentages, Common Measures, Shape and Space and Handling Data.  All of the learning will fall into these categories

The learning takes place online, with a mini-test at the end of each module of learning which your tutor can see.  You will then complete a skills assessment to check your knowledge, followed by questions sheets or assignment, and then exam type questions to get you used to the end assessment from the first module.  These tells us how well you have understood the learning, and we can provide extra work if it is required as you move through the curriculum.

Once the programme of learning is complete we will put you on mock exams to get you ready for the examination.  You may take your exam either online or paper based, the online exams require 48 hours notice and the paper based a minimum of 2 weeks.  There is familiarisation software available for the online exams to help you and us, judge the best method for you to take your exams.

Your results can take up to 4 weeks to arrive at busy times of the year, and these are checked at the centre daily with emails sent out to inform the students of the results.  If you do not pass the exam you have a four week period at the end of your course where you can access the learning and book a retake at the cost of £25.  Your tutor may be able to get you a breakdown of your exam result’s but we will not have access to your actual paper, which is kept by Edexcel/Pearson until the exam is no longer used for testing, to ensure the integrity of the examination system.