How We Teach

Successful distance learning requires a level of commitment from the learner, and they need to be able to manage their time efficiently, possess a level of self-motivation, be good communicators and have the determination to succeed.

Distance learning is available to everyone and an initial assessment is taken prior to the course being offered to allow us to enrol you on the correct level of learning to match your current knowledge.  The Initial Assessments and Diagnostics results dictate the level you are working towards an Entry Level, Level 1 or Level 2 qualification in Functional Skills English and/or Maths.

Our distance learning programme has been running for 14 years to meet the needs of adults preparing to enter apprenticeships, take up university places or just to improve their skills for life, and our achievement results have always been above the national average, even in lockdown.

It is important that you are able to use the internet and emails with confidence and be able to scan and open documents when communicating with your tutor.

To enrol as a distance learner, you can apply by clicking on the links below depending, which course you are interested in doing.

Functional Skills English

Functional Skills Maths

Following your application, you will be sent out information on how to log into your Initial Assessment and Diagnostics, both of which are required if you are enrolling on funded learning.

Following completion of your assessments you will be asked for a time and date to complete and Induction/Meet and Greet with you dedicated tutor who will introduce themselves, cover advice, information and guidance, and ask you some questions on how we can best support you with your learning, how you contact your tutor, and demonstrate how to use our learning systems correctly.

A learning review will take place every six weeks with your tutor monitoring your online attendance, and achievements, they will also set you goals for your next review.  This helps us identify any problem areas and keep you on track to complete your learning in the set timeframe.   If you are having problems on a specific subject, we will provide extra support materials, telephone advice, email assistance, a Zoom session or a face-to-face appointment with a specialist tutor as required.

Once the learning is complete, we will prepare you for your exam with mock exam papers.  We will provide feedback on these and offer extra work or a revision programme if required.

Exams take place every week, but the day can change depending on room availability. As you approach the end of your course you will be offered exam dates by the exam’s administrator. Retakes are chargeable, if you are outside of your course end date but re-take information prices will be sent to you should you require them.

You will be working as an individual and you will be responsible for undertaking the learning and submitting assignments on time.  At the start of your learning, we will set an end date for your course, you can finish prior to the set date but not after it.  It is therefore extremely important that you let us know if you encounter any problems at any time throughout your learning, or if you are unwell.