Information, Advice and Guidance

IAG Services at Progression 2

Mission Statement

To provide easily accessible, good quality training to individuals and businesses in an environment that is open to any person who wishes to learn, whether for business or personal reasons, irrespective of ability, ethnicity, sex or age.  To provide unbiased advice and guidance in relation to education and wellbeing and ensure that all of our students and staff work in a safe and respectful environment.

IAG Services

Progression 2, offer Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) services, on an impartial and free basis to support and help everyone develop as lifelong learners and achieve their potential in their career of choice.

In all cases our information, advice and guidance will be accurate, impartial, up to date and confidential unless it precludes a safeguarding issue.

When approached on wellbeing topics, such as addictions, mental health, relationships, housing or debt problems we may refer you to another local, or national organisation who is better placed to offer you advice on these subjects.

Availability of Service

Our service is available to:

  • Current learners enrolled on a programme at Progression 2 who interested in undertaking another course of learning to progress,
  • Enquirers and prospective learners who are not yet registered with us but are considering us as an option.
  • Employers who want information about our programmes, courses, or about any bespoke training we may offer.

The Service

 Our service will be:

  • Accurate with impartial information, advice and guidance on the full range of services offered by Progression 2.  If we cannot meet your needs, we will locate an alternative provider where the mode of study may be more suitable to you.
  • Our service conforms to national standards. It will be accessible, professional, impartial, and knowledgeable. We will be friendly and welcoming and be as responsive to your needs as we possibly can.
  • All learners will have equal access to learning opportunities and will be able to discuss any learning needs or requirements with their tutor who will endeavour to implement a process to meet these requests.
  • Staff will have access to impartial and accurate information, advice and guidance in relation to their rights, entitlements, responsibilities, CPD (Continuous Professional Development) opportunities, policies and procedures and be encouraged to partake in contribution to the organisations development and planning.