Private Learning

We offer funded and unfunded routes to learning, please see the price lists below for current prices and further information. If you require exams only, please see the Private Exam tab.  Please note all of the level 1 and 2 exams are taken online and there is a wait of up to 4 weeks at busy times of the year, for your results of English and maths exams to come through.

If you do not have an English or maths qualification as an A-C grade in a GCSE, and are a UK or European Union (EU) citizen, you may be entitled to FREE learning and exams on these topics if you show a need for it and are within our funding area.  If you are not from an EU country you can still undertake these courses, but may not be entitled to funded learning.  The rules on funding change regularly and you should call to discuss your individual situation to find out if funding is available for you.

Self-Study Course Without Tutor Support.

If you believe that you are just require a brush up on your skills, you can pay for a course that will provide online learning to suit your needs.  The package we use will remove learning that you already know and add modules in for those you need to strengthen. 

You would be given access to the site and would monitor you own scores and learning.  Once you hit 100% of learning completed.  You would contact us and we would send out a mock exam for you to complete and return for marking with detailed feedback.  If you score a pass in the mock, you can move straight to exam.  If you do not pass you would return to the learning and complete further modules in the areas identified. 

Please see the two price options available, one includes the exams and the other does not.

Price for learning only, no exams included.

English and Maths       £250

Price with the exams included.          

English             £450

Maths                £350


Tutor Supported Learning

Completion of an initial assessment and enrolment on to a learning package with a personal tutor, the course will be tailored to your needs by a short diagnostic on entry to the package for the first time.  This will then build the course of learning removing areas you are strong in and adding those you need to develop further.  

You will be monitored by a tutor who will send out extra work if your scores are low in any areas or assign more online learning elements for you.  You will also be sent assignments throughout the course to consolidate the learning.  Learners can contact a tutor for extra work on a topic if they are struggling and further explanations or Zoom meeting will be arranged. 

On completion of learning, mock exams will be sent out with a tips and tricks booklet.

On return of the mock exam, marking will take place and detailed feedback will be provided.  For areas of weakness we will send out extra explanation on topics with questions and answers for the candidates to self-test on.

If the first mock passed, the candidate will be asked to book their exam date.

If the first mock is not passed a second mock will be sent with full feedback and extra explanations if required.  Following this the candidate will be asked to book their exam

This package also includes the cost of the exams. 


English qualification      £650.00

Maths qualification        £550.00