Privately Funded Client Information

If you just want to sit the exams or funding is not available to you it is possible to pay for your learning.

Please note for all exams, especially at busy times of the year, summer and Christmas, results can take up to 4 weeks to arrive, however, most results come back quicker than this.

Options for private students are to study with tutor support, self-study without tutor support, undertake mock exams with feedback or just book and take exams if you feel that you are already at a level to pass.

Study Course WITHOUT Tutor Support.

If you believe that you just require a brush up on your skills, you can pay for a course that will provide online learning to suit your needs. You will be given access to the whole curriculum and can chose the subjects to study that you do not feel confident with.  There are mini assessments on every topic studied on the learning site, but you will not have tutor marked assignments.

Once you hit 100% of learning completed, or you feel you have increased your knowledge to a level to pass the exam, you would contact us and we would send out a mock exam for you to complete and return for marking with detailed tutor feedback.  If you score a pass in the mock, you can move straight to exam.  If you do not pass you would return to the learning and complete further modules in the areas identified.  Please note that further mocks papers would have to be paid for, along with all exams, unless you take the exam included option at the time of purchase.

Price for learning only without tutor support or exams.

Single subject either English or maths    £260

Price with the exams included.          

English                                                     £450

Maths                                                      £350

Study Course WITH Tutor Support and Exams

If you take this route your will have exactly the same experience as our funded learners.  Please see the Functional Skills English or Maths page for more information.

English                                                       £550

Maths                                                         £550

EXAMS ONLY at all levels

Reading                                                       £75

Writing                                                        £75

Speaking and Listening                               £110

Maths                                                          £120 

Mock Exams                                                 £40

All mock papers include marking with feedback and a one to one online Zoom meeting review meeting.

All applicants should be aware that no centre is obliged to accept private candidates and that awarding bodies will not intervene if a centre refuses to accept an individual as a private candidate. As with all other examination centres, we reserve the right to refuse to accept a prospective private candidate and we are not obliged to give a reason if we decide not to accept an application. Our decision whether or not to accept an application from a private candidate is final and non-negotiable.