CV Workshop

Overall I find Progression2, professional, yet relaxed, ideal for me to build my skills, and boost my confidence and prospects for work. RA.

I really enjoyed the course, Mark the tutor is excellent, he is a kind and helpful person.  Sandra helped me every day to with my work because my typing speed and hand writing is very slow. My confidence has really improved and I now have the skills to successfully find a job. SJ.

I had a wonderful experience with Progression 2. I found the course to be perfectly tailored to my specific needs as a job seeker. All tutors were very understanding of the needs and challenges faced by job seekers and it was reflected in the way they delivered their lessons. All the materials were relevant and informative. The lessons were very well planned with a good mix of group and individual activities which kept everyone interested and involved. Overall it was a very positive experience and I feel a lot more confident in any future job search. Thank you to everyone involved in the delivery of this course.  MA.

It was a good refresher course, reminding me of significant points to cover during job applications. JC

I have really enjoyed doing this course I now feel a lot more confident in an interview, know what to wear and know how to talk about my skills and qualities and my previous job experiences. JB.

It has helped me so much, I needed to update and improve my C.V. to enable me to compete in the jobs market. It has helped me to adapt my C.V. to different roles. TL.

I found this a very positive experience overall. From practical help and guidance to general encouragement, it has helped me greatly. CP.

It has help build my confidence back up and made me believe that I can do the jobs I want to do. LS.

I found the course most informative and helpful. Mark is a good tutor – well done! RS.

It has helped me use a computer and also write a CV and cover letter.  I am pleased I have been given information to set up a business. MM.

The course has been helpful and provided a lot of useful information. LL.

This course has help me to improve my cv and my interview skills as well.  RC.

CV’s have changed so much this has allowed me to get up to date and I have already started getting job offers! PA.

Overall has been very helpful and I now have a CV which I can now apply for work with and also would like to learn more. KW.

My experience with progression 2 has been a very good one and I hope it will help me find full time employment. JL.

The course has given me an insight into current recruitment requirements and trends in 2015. JC.

The has improved different skills and will help me to get a job. GH.

The course helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses. I discovered I have more strengths then weaknesses which has boosted my confidence in interviews. SMD.

I have enjoyed the sessions and have gained in confidence and knowledge. Thank you. SM.

CV Workshop